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Hi my name is Corey Chase. I’m the founder of the Idaho VA Home Loan website. The mission of this website is to protect fellow Veterans from predatory lending.

THANK YOU, for what you do, who you are, how you impact lives, and for your service to our great nation!

Being in the military is one of the most respected fields by most polls, yet licensed real estate agents end up toward the bottom of that list.

People reluctant to speak with a real estate agent tell me it’s due to a lack of trust. Maybe you feel that way, and I don’t blame you. Many agents might not like me saying that, but I’m certain it’ll help you shield yourself from being the next casualty of an unscrupulous agent: Ripped off, defrauded, deceived and misdirected, tricked out of cash in your next home transaction.

We offer peace

The truth is I have seen many horrifying practices in real estate both on the lending and real estate side. Disturbing practices. Deceptive practices. However, that’s the reason I decided to step in and do something about it. And that’s why you are here on my website, which I created to help fellow veterans.

You could simply take your risks, because yes, there are truly some good agents out there. But why risk what will probably be the largest investment of your life; your home?

There are many ways to lose money and miss out on available savings in the average real estate transaction. There are a variety of home loan programs and down payment assistance programs for first time home buyers, or for for vets like you and me. I promise you I’ll help you navigate the right programs to fit your circumstance


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